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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager




Clash of Clans is a mobile phenomena, loved for its colourful characters as well as its strategic gameplay. We wanted to give the 17.5 million YouTube subscribers something they had never seen before, on the Clash channel… or any other!

The Challenge

Supercell has already created an award winning 3D animation, but we wanted an execution that would create a buzz beyond their normal content.

So - we gave ourselves the challenge to bring the game to life in the real world with an execution that will excite, not only the Clash world, but also fans of technology and music!

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The Idea

Create real world Mega Teslas that can perform the Clash of Clans theme tune through musical lightning bolts! 

How We Did It

We expanded the Waste clan to include Tesla coil artists, ArcAttack and documentary filmmakers, Villager. Together we created an actual Mega Tesla and an electrifying musical performance.

The musical Tesla Coils were transformed into replicas of the in-game ‘Mega Teslas’ by Joe DiPrima and his ArcAttack team. An edit of the Clash of Clans track was created and transposed for the Tesla Coils.

The finished Musical Tesla coils stood at nearly 6ft and could produce up to 5kw per note. When asked how it works, DiPrima responded: “Tesla coils produce music by shaking the air with their lightning bolts. The electricity is actually vibrating the air creating sound pressure waves.”

The performance took place in Austin, Texas. We worked with Villager Films to capture the electric performance and turn it into an edit that could create a buzzzz on our social channels.

Despite restricted travel and an almost ironic electrical storm, it was teamwork and determination that pulled the production through.

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The Result

Our video also saw amazing community sentiment. Players loved the music so much they said they wanted to hear it in the game, and highlighted the potential of how the sound could fit into wars and combat. The moment of surprise when fans realised this was real and not computer generated added to the hype with many commenting in shock (no pun intended). Fist bump!

With over 500 thousand views, video retention substantially high at 56.6%, and an 9.2% average engagement rate, we can say that the project had an overall electrifying result!