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We Invited Clash of Clans Fans to Imagine The Inside of a Town Hall

If you know us, you know we're all about fans. We love chatting to them, playing around with them, and especially getting them involved. For Clash of Clans' big update this month, we came up with a challenge to stimulate their imagination: what did they think was inside of a never-before-seen Town Hall?

What's a Town Hall?

Town Halls are a big deal in the Clash of Clans world. With every new game update, another Town Hall is introduced into the game, signifying a new stage in the game's progression - but here's the catch: no one's ever seen inside any of them before. 👀

The plan for the 14th update of the game was different; it'd be the first time that players would see inside of a Town Hall in detail. We wanted to create a socially engaging mechanic to make players feel like their ideas are immortalised within the game while also adding to the game lore.

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How it started...

In order to start getting players excited, we put out a teaser asking fans to imagine what might be inside one of the most mysterious features of the game...

We did not want to limit or influence their creativity, so we kept the call to action very broad. This post was a mini trailer to showcase the upcoming event, the short graphic animation using the Clash of Clans palette to create an epic look and feel.

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How it ended...

After all the suggestions rolled in, we brought the fans' ideas to life as items and ornaments in a rich walkthrough. We name checked the contributors in the final video, and rewarded their involvement with awesome Clash merchandise.

We filled the final video with as many fan-suggested items as possible, not only showcasing featured structures but also placing unmentioned Easter Eggs around the place and hanging fan art on walls. The depth of content got fans pausing and rewinding to find all of the fan-made décor.

The results

With around half a million views and lots of heartening comments from fans excited about such a milestone in the game's history (yes, we read all of them), we were over the moon to see the community so engaged.

The project was also featured in UK marketing publications, including:

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