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Teodora Miscov
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Our New Office Is Open: Waste Expands Into Animal Crossing

We built a replica of our London office in the smash hit Nintendo game Animal Crossings: New Horizons. If you come over, you might find something interesting on our bulletin board...

What's this all about?

We’re inviting creative-minded people across the world to complete a creative brief in order to win a three-month paid internship. Why are we doing this on Animal Crossings: New Horizons? There’s a natural link there - we’ve been loving Nintendo's work for a while. We’re also all about forming communities - and when we saw their latest game we realised that it’s a great place to do just that.

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What we did

We’ve developed a virtual version of the Waste London office, on its own island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Check our Instagram stories daily @wastecreative for a dodo code and come say hi! It includes all little details that make it ours, such as the clocks and artwork which hang on the walls at Waste, as well as our big boardroom table, and staff desks covered in paper, scribbles and storyboards. Visitors can even take a trip to our beloved local pub, the Hat and Tun. (Oh, how we miss it!)

“We’re all about community, and one of our clients, Nintendo, has created something that is aligned with our passion. By creating a replica of Waste’s office in Animal Crossing, we’re hoping to tap into the huge love for the game to engage with a much broader, more diverse talent base. We want to reach people who could be the new stars of our agency, but maybe don’t even know it’s a job they could do. Yet.”

Tasmin, our Art Director

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The creative brief

The space also features a virtual message board, where a creative brief is posted. Anyone over the age of 18 can answer it, with the most interesting response winning a three-month paid internship in Waste’s creative department. Exciting, huh?

We're looking to reach fresh talent - if you think that's you, check out the brief here.