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Interns To Wasters: How brilliant talent joined our ranks, then burned through them

Joining a creative agency as an intern should be more than just the next logical step in someone’s career progression — and it should definitely be more than making the coffee and watching other people working. It should be an exciting moment when they first discover what it’s like on the ground in the creative industries, what it feels like to be in the place where art meets marketing, to work alongside people who are passionate about colouring the world with their ideas.

At Waste, we see immense pride — and responsibility — in nurturing fresh talent. This shows in the awards we’ve recently won for our focus on culture and employee wellbeing, as well as our intern-focused initiatives such as the Waste Foundation. The best outcome, in our eyes, is when our interns become full-time employees who play vital roles in the dynamics of our team. We’re fortunate enough to have had this happen more than a few times.

This month, we celebrate Sean's successful evolution from intern to full-time Junior Project Manager, and Josh’s promotion from Frame by Frame Animation Intern to full-time Frame by Frame Animator. Let's hear from some of our fresh young talent who began their journey as interns and have now become invaluable assets to Waste.

Interviewing Our Rising Stars

1. What were your expectations before your internship with us? How did your first few days at Waste meet those expectations?

Sean: Waste looked like a fun agency, especially with the focus on gaming, and it definitely met those expectations when I started. It was exciting to see the finished work for different clients and observe upcoming projects as they were being worked on.

Josh: Before I joined, I really hoped I’d get to work on some cool projects. I liked the style of the work I saw on socials, and was excited to be a part of making it happen. The first days at Waste gave me that insider perspective at what was going on behind the scenes. I loved it.

2. What was your experience like during your internship at Waste? Are there any highlights that spring to mind?

Sean: The internship was great. Everyone from all departments were super friendly and I learned so much while taking part in different projects. The whole production team in particular was very supportive, willing to give me advice on any project and made me feel welcomed into the team. Getting involved on the live action shoots for big-name clients was a huge highlight. It was a very fun crash course in live productions that was great to take part in.

Josh: The team environment at Waste was incredibly supportive and provided a great learning atmosphere. I was encouraged to perform at my best while also enjoying a friendly and welcoming environment. Speaking of support, Jacob (Mid-Weight Animator) was a pivotal part of this experience. He helped me fit right in and contributed significantly to my learning journey, making the whole internship a fantastic and educational experience.

3. Did you feel that Waste supported your growth during your internship? If so, how?

Sean: Definitely. I feel like I was shown a lot of trust in what I could support the team with. Some of the projects I helped with were quite big and being given free reign to carry out parts of them is something I don’t think I’d get in many places!

Josh: Yes they did — we went at a good pace for me to really absorb all that I was learning, and there was a natural progression from project to project. I feel like my skills grew massively in this time.

4. How would you describe Waste’s company culture in 3 words?

Sean: Open, Trusting, Fun.

Josh: Vibrant, Welcoming, Supportive.

5. Are there any valuable lessons that you learned during your internship?

Sean: No one’s expecting you to be perfect. This is the stage in your career to make the most mistakes and stick your hand up when you don’t know how to do something. The more honest you are, the more you’ll progress… and those challenges will become easier.

Josh: Learning to adapt to new situations and tasks was the #1 skill I learned. Agencies are super fast paced, so you need to be ready to pivot at any time.

6. What was your greatest challenge in your journey from intern to full-time employee? And what was your proudest moment?

Sean: Being in a production role, I had to spend a lot of time communicating with department heads and coordinating suppliers in a fast-paced environment. I was a little nervous at first, but everyone was very welcoming and happy to show me the ropes.

Josh: Being versatile is crucial in this job, but it's not always easy to achieve. This internship really helped me become a more skilled artist, which was a great benefit.

7. What advice would you give people who are just stepping into their first internship?

Sean: Keep asking questions. Don’t be afraid to get involved with a wide range of projects, especially ones that are outside your comfort zone. Show your face in the office and get to know your workmates.   Every project has learnings you can take into the future.

Josh: Don't hesitate to experiment with new, exciting, and even quirky ideas. Your internship is the perfect place for them!

Come Join the Party

At Waste Creative, our interns are not just interns; they bring a fresh perspective that helps us enhance our work and always stay relevant. Sean and Josh’s journeys are a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and providing them a platform for success.

As we continue to welcome new talent, we invite aspiring creatives to join us on this exciting ride. Every day is an opportunity to create, collaborate, and make a meaningful impact in the world of creativity.

Are you ready to unlock your creative potential? Come and be a part of the ever-evolving landscape of creativity at Waste, where you can work with dream companies like Nintendo and see your ideas shape the future. Find out more here.