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Christian Perrins
Head of Strategy



Waste Add GameRefinery To Their Arsenal Of Fan-First Tools

We’re delighted to announce that Waste now has full access to GameRefinery, a Liftoff company, the world’s leading mobile gaming intelligence tool.

What’s GameRefinery?

Traditionally used by mobile studios and publishers to sharpen game development and revenue, GameRefinery is an active database of over 100,000 games, 50 genres and 260+ features that can be sliced and diced to create highly detailed competitor maps and feature sets, bolstered by live market trends and insights. 

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What’s our motivation?

Perhaps most crucially for Waste, GameRefinery also has a proprietary Motivational Driver framework designed to show why players play certain genres, sub-genres and specific games. It’s one of the most robust models of its kind, and maps to eight distinct player Archetypes.

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What does this mean for our clients?

Having full access to GameRefinery means Waste’s fan-first approach to marketing is now more powerful than ever in the mobile space. We can inform every stage of the ‘root to branch’ work we do for clients like Supercell, Riot, Zynga and Epic with highly targeted Player Motivation models and the very latest market, genre and subgenre insights.

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What’s our mission?

Bringing GameRefinery into the Waste fold is the latest step in our quest to unify and optimise game development and marketing strategy. As part of Keywords Studios, we’re uniquely positioned to help ensure that products and brands are built, launched and evolved with fan-first insights at their core. 

“We’ve been exploring all of the market and player insight tools out there recently, and GameRefinery stood out as one of the most powerful. The team is already under the hood, finding smart ways to use this priceless data for our clients.”

- Christian Perrins, Head of Strategy at Waste

"We are delighted to have this opportunity to help Waste Creative supercharge its own service portfolio with our data. With access to our data, Waste Creative and their clients now have a more powerful data-informed way to form their decisions, from game development to UA strategies."

- Brendan Fraher, Head of Global Sales at GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company

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