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Boom Beach

A Mega Collection (of Crabs)

Supercell’s Boom Beach game entertains millions of players worldwide, and we produce a huge raft of communications to keep them informed and amused. One thing we’ve learned is that players really enjoy work that combines love of the game with genuine film-making skills. So for the game’s big monthly Mega Crab event we make a point of putting our creative and motion departments through their paces, and trying something different. Are you sitting comfortably? Enjoy the show...

Return of the Mega Crab

When Boom Beach announced the return of the Mega Crab, we knew we needed to create something epic. We took inspiration from 1940s war propaganda to make this cinematic trailer, that merged 3D rendering and stop-motion animation. This was a dramatic departure from Boom Beach’s usual art direction style - they trusted us to try something new and it paid off.

Proto Crab

Boom Beach’s “Proto Crab” event set up a heavyweight collision between powerful prototype tanks and the Crab’s monstrous defences. To crank up the excitement suitably, we brought the Tanks’ blueprints to blazing 3D life and set them loose. Magic performed by Cinema 4D composited by After Effects.

Life Leech Crab

Life Leeches are tiny nanobots that revive Boom Beach’s weary troops by nibbling their insides. But enough of the science! We revived 8-bit game graphics as a playful way to visualise the health boost in the Life Leech Mega Crab, and cooked up some vintage music to match. This 72 second journey back into gaming history was created by Photoshop and After Effects.

Scorched Crab

Can you imagine what it might be like inside a flame-throwing tank as it attacks a fearsome Mega Crab? We tried! Using a 3D camera, 3DS Max and After Effects, we created a thrilling POV from an imaginary space, taking players somewhere they’d never been before.

Gunboat Crab

A Boom Beach Gunboat packs an amazing military arsenal, perfect for defeating the evil Mega Crab. Here it powers to the rescue while magically upgrading itself. The sea was made with Phoenix FD; the painterly feel with Photoshop and After Effects.

Beastly Crab

Boom Beach’s new Mega Crab was the most challenging yet for players...quite beastly in fact. We imagined it disrupting a vintage TV show with its malign vibes. The creepy feel was created by treating stock footage with 3DS Max and After Effects.

Hallowed Crab

A super-spooky concoction made to announce the arrival of Boom Beach’s Halloween version of the Mega Crab. The nerve-tingling trompe l’oeil was created by animating flat illustrated layers with 3DS Max, and moving through them with a 3D camera.