Smart Home Content

Over the last year, we’ve been helping the UK’s leading smart home provider help people understand the magic of the smart home. Beginning with an extensive audit of their website, we went on to create a range of interactive, fun and educational tools and content. The idea was to make their smart products feel accessible and relevant beyond early adopters. From a flagship immersive 360° video experience that brings each product to life, to a savings calculator that highlights how much you can shave off your energy bill, we’ve been educating and demystifying potential customers about all things smart.

The 360 Hive Home

Half the magic of Hive is how you bring it all together to work for you and your lifestyle, but showing all this possibility in one place online hadn’t been done. So we brought this to life by creating a 360 interactive web experience, showing everyday uses of Hive products in action. Allowing users to move through a real home at their own speed, learning about Hive and finding out how it could work for them.

Savings Calculator

Money talks! And that’s why we knew that being able to give potential customers a personalised answer on how much they could save off their energy bill with Hive, was going to be a hit (well that, and the customer research). Taking into account house type, size, location and energy usage, we created a simple web-based tool to help users find out the hard numbers behind Hive Active Heating, and how it does it.