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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager

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Celebrating Supercell's 10th Birthday in Lockdown

How do you help a mate celebrate their birthday in lockdown? Supercell have been good friends of ours for a few years. When their 10th birthday came up and they asked us to make something special for their online community, we wanted to go the extra mile.

So we got our creative juices flowing, coffee cascading around the room and 'Eye of the Tiger' blaring in the background. It looked like we had a plan.

Then April 2020 happened. We had to move quickly and adapt to the new situation, which meant switching from a live-action piece to an animated video. We still wanted to make it super special so we decided to go all out and did it all frame. by. frame.

You know that awkward moment when you think your phone's on silent but it really isn't? We can probably all relate to that - and gamers especially. We decided to poke fun at the way in which Supercell's 'Clash of Clans' game intro jingle often pops up at the most awkward of times.

The piece was created using traditional frame-by-frame animation by our animation studio This Thing of Ours. It has a minimalist, black and white look and feel, to mirror the colours of the Supercell logo, and a film noir-meets-comic book style.

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“Supercell’s 10th birthday is a huge occasion for us, so it was important to recognise our wonderful community of players in this film. Waste’s execution of a video that was originally intended to be a live action shoot really helped bring these relatable player moments to life in a fun, visually appealing way.”

Ana Martins, Community Manager - Clash of Clans.