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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager



This Thing of Ours Say 'Hi' With Surreal Vignettes

This Thing of Ours, our recently born animation and design studio, is launching a series of vignettes to celebrate the completion of its new website.

The brief the studio  set itself  was simple: “If This Thing of Ours was a thing, what would it be?”

TTOO has created three short animations that it feels reflects some of its many sides as a studio. It decided to base the vignettes on random late-night telly.

Alex Robinson, Director, This Thing Of Ours, said: “You know when you’ve been channel hopping for 15 minutes solid, and things start getting weirder and weirder past channel 700? That.”

TTOO enjoys mixing things up a little when it comes to its reference points and processes. Ryan Walker, Motion Designer, said, “We wanted to explore ways of combining 3D and 2D illustrated textures. Adding these extra layers always takes 3D renders to a new place.”

The inspiration for each vignette comes from a number of different places. The first in the series features the arrival of a “super cow”. Out of nowhere, in a field full of regular cows, this cow is clearly different from the rest - even down to its moo. 

The second in the series is inspired by the legendary Al Jolson performing his signature tune 'Mammy'. The team loved the humour in this song and thought it would be fun to create two characters with two sides that have been beautifully crafted. The vignette combines humour, bizarre visuals and interesting design with a twist of Al Jolson.

Finally, the third vignette idea comes from an old portrait painting seen on a wall in a pub. The team thought it would be fun to take an old looking portrait and flip it to face  the wrong way, instantly making you feel uneasy. The character slowly turns around revealing his face - which is definitely not what you expect to see.