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Redefining Mobile Engagement

We’ve spent the last five years working with the biggest mobile games developer in the world. We deliver acquisition ads to drive awareness and downloads of their titles, and we create content with the community teams to engage and support their legions of fans. Like all good relationships, we have lots in common. We both believe in tightly knit teams of experts. We’re both small on bureaucracy, big on autonomy. We’re both driven by a passion for originality and creative excellence. And we both like saunas. The speed at which they work means they need a digital agency that can keep up. We’re it.

Recent Work

Mega Crab Teaser

When Boom Beach announced the return of their global in-game event the Mega Crab, we knew we needed to create something epic. We took inspiration from 1940s war propaganda to make this cinematic trailer, that merged 3D rendering and stop-motion animation. This was a dramatic departure from Boom Beach’s usual art direction style - they trusted us to try something new and it paid off.

Brawl Star's Android Release

After almost a year of asking, Brawl Stars fans could finally download the game on Android. We created these playful images featuring one of the game’s key characters to help tease the news they’d all been waiting for.

Reveal Target
Brawl Stars cactus - full image

Clash of Clans: Clan Spotlight

We brought a Clash interview to life with the help of our in-house lettering artist and motion team.

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