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Who are we? We’re the first Waste Academy Interns!

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Meet the interns!

Project manager, Julie – "Always wanted minions to help me take over the world, now I do! 😈"

Strategist, Kirit – “I’m ready to put my research skills to good use! ⚡”

Art director, Nade – “I got a 1st on my dissertation, and still haven’t shut up about it! 😅”

Designer, Jen – "Colouring in everyday? Piece of cake! 🍰"

Motion designer, Ony – “I will try my best 😤"

Copywriter, Prishant – “I’ve finally put my creative writing degree to good use! 💡”

Developer, Sam – “Yeah I write code... but no I can’t fix your laptop 👾”

Coming straight out of university, we know the struggle of getting a foot in an agency door. With Waste, we were hired for our uniqueness and individuality – beyond our portfolios. This internship is designed to give young visionaries the tools, knowledge and creative freedom to take on big challenges, and be a part of an exciting adventure.

Why Waste Academy?

This organisation has given us what we’ve always wanted: a hands-on experience and the trust to create something that will have real impact for the agency. Waste has shown us that our creativity and potential is what matters most, this permeates the whole agency where the office itself has giant eyeballs and burning cars on the walls. No eerie silence here, oh no.

What do we do?

We’ve been tasked to pull our ideas together to fashion an awesome new agency offering, designed, planned out and produced by us interns! Armed with our own aptitude and the support of our mentors, we believe we can make magic. We will bring this new business proposition to life and are determined it will become a real game changer for indie game developers and for the future of this industry.

What is our goal?

We will design, brand and run a new agency model to reshape the indie game industry. Leveraging our skills, we will invent solutions to support indie game developers to strive further, in an industry facing many barriers. Our aim is to cement a relationship with trust, become part of the community and establish ourselves as the leading value-based player in this new movement