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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager

Clash of Clans


Introducing Clan Capital: The Biggest Ever Clash of Clans Update!

This one was a BIGGIE. Supercell wanted to mark their biggest-ever Clash of Clans game update with a new global campaign that would get the community excited for what's coming up. We got involved, and guess what? It's starring the game’s own community team.

When Supercell briefed us to create a video for such an important moment in the evolution of Clash of Clans, our creative thinking wheels started seriously spinning. We wanted to make sure that the result was befitting of the occasion, and did justice to a community which has grown over a decade.

As the most ambitious and exciting developer update EVER produced at Supercell, the Clan Capital developer video was a collaboration between multiple international partners with over 50+ individuals.

The video served as a public announcement for the Clan Capital, an exciting new feature in the game where players would now be able to collaborate as a community and battle together for rewards and glory.

You know that we're all about community - so, in this 12-minute film, we wanted to make it all about Supercell’s backstage superstars making it happen for the fans. The film features Community Manager Darian and Games Designer Seth embarking on an epic voyage of discovery, as they pilot an airship around a mysterious mountain in the sky, presenting the game's new features.

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Darian Vorlick, Community Manager, Supercell, said: "Waste Creative was the beating heart of this production from script writing, coordinating production and direction, editing, and post production over the course of almost half a year. The end result speaks for itself: #1 Trending for Gaming and #31 Trending on YouTube with more than 3.5 million views in the first 24 hours of the video's premiere. Additionally, the Clash of Clans YouTube channel had over 80,000 viewers simultaneously present as the video streamed live to the world - another milestone for our channel."

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Darian continued, "While we've worked with Waste Creative for a number of years, the trust and responsibility we gave Waste rewarded us with an utmost respect for our IP and a video that has resonated with Clash players around the world for many more years to come."

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Harry Fairfax-Jones, Business Director, Waste Creative, added: “With this film for Clash of Clans, we’re taking creative production to the next level. Using green screen technology you’d usually find in blockbuster movies, we’re transporting our community team to Clan Capital, as they fly around a mysterious mountain in the sky on a giant airship. We hope Clash players old and new will be excited to see what happens as Darian and Seth come face-to-face with Clan Capital’s new features.”

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The Results

We couldn't be more happy about the finished product - and the way it was received by the client and community. Our dream project generated some dreamy end results:

  • #1 Trending for Gaming

  • #31 Trending on YouTube

  • 1.5 million views of the teaser video

  • More than 3.5 million views in the first 24 hours of the main video's premiere

  • 5.5 million views of the main video to date

Bonus: Making Of Video

Well, you've made it so far! Least we could do is reward you with a rollercoaster of a 'making of' video... Right?