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Teodora Miscov
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Gucci & Gamers: Marketers' Opportunities in Gaming

Gaming is undeniably an industry that has an enormous potential value for marketers. That is, for the ones who know how to do it right. With big brands such as Ford and Gucci getting in on the action, we can safely say that marketers are becoming more aware of the opportunities in gaming. Christian Perrins, our Head of Strategy, discusses all of this and more on The Drum Network Podcast.

We've been in gaming for a while now - coming up to 15 years - so we've naturally got a pretty strong point of view about the best way for brands to advertise in-game. So we were pretty excited when The Drum Network invited us on their podcast to chat about it.

‘It’s just understanding the culture of the game and the level of emotional attachment and figuring out if slapping your brand as wallpaper is appropriate or if you can treat gaming rather than as a media channel, like a brand experience channel.' - Christian Perrins, Head of Strategy at Waste

The podcast covers a range of topics, touching upon the rise of the gaming industry over the last few years and, more specifically, the last 12 months, as well as discussing examples of how brands have gotten a piece of the action. Christian shares his opinion on what makes a good in-game marketing campaign and the most common pitfalls to avoid.

'How can we find a game partner where we can add to the experience, add value, do something genuinely interesting and useful for the audience? Especially [so that] those hardcore players actually appreciate us being there and we have a hugely beneficial impact rather than the exact opposite of pissing them off and making them get negative.' - Christian

Check out the podcast to listen in on the conversation between Christian and Chris.