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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager



We're in Campaign's Best Places to Work 2021

That's another one to cross off our wish list... We've just found out we've been featured in Campaign’s Best Places to Work 2021, the list of the best places to work in UK media, marketing and advertising!

We all know last year posed massive challenges when it comes to maintaining workplace motivation, and keeping people happy. As the pandemic turned office life upside down and pushed employee wellbeing to the fore, this year's Campaign’s Best Places to Work survey aims to reveal the companies that best navigated the change. Turns out, we made the cut.

The list also highlights the elements that make an agency one of the UK’s best workplaces - including initiatives for increasing overall wellbeing, supporting equality and creating a sense of purpose. In order to be considered, we submitted an employer survey detailing our company policies and benefits, while our employees completed an engagement and satisfaction survey.

“Campaign’s Best Places to Work represents the most outstanding workplaces in media, marketing and advertising, so it means a lot to see Waste featured for the first time. Coming in hot after the Top 100 Best UK Small Companies to work for, this is a further demonstration of our commitment to our people and culture.” - Mike Petricevic, our Creative Partner

This achievement is something that we've had in mind for a while - it feels amazing to attain it, and more. In the last month, we have also been awarded a One Star accreditation from Best Companies, as well as being featured in their other lists: Marketing and Media’s 40 Best Agencies to Work For, the UK’s 100 Best Small Companies to Work For, and the Top 30 Best Small Companies to Work For in London.

In 2020, we introduced a number of new talent initiatives to help our people feel happy and connected during the Covid-19 pandemic, including offering access to mental health support services, virtual get-togethers and early finish Fridays. We have also matched our staff donations to Black Lives Matter causes and created a diversity panel to support our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. You can check out our cultural pillars, benefits and approach to Diversity and Inclusion here.