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14 markets in 4 weeks

When we first met Badoo, there was no awkwardness, no embarrassing pausing conversation; no uncomfortable handshakes and definitely no swiping left. We got to chatting about an idea we had to create a long-form video about body language on first dates, and how to read those common – and often pretty darn funny – signs.

Badoo is one of the biggest global dating apps out there, and like us they know the power digital has to connect people. They also know that a successful creative idea for their brand would need to transcend language barriers, and have universal appeal, across a lot of different cultures across the globe.

Happily, they loved the idea. And after one date, it was a match made in heaven…

The whirlwind love affair

Our first brief called for social content that would drive digital acquisition. In return, we created an engaging, long-form video that appeared on Facebook and Instagram. In under four weeks, we’d scripted, shot and localised it to run across 14 different markets, and then edited it into snappy pieces of snackable content, making our hero film work hard across all social channels.

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A deeper connection

After our first successful campaign, we wanted to get a deeper understanding of online dating behaviour. We ran focus groups with our core audience and uncovered some unexpected insights. For example, online singletons all wanted to know more about the person they were looking at, in an authentic way (rather than suspiciously unpacking their IG filter and Photoshop skills.) They wanted to break through the fantasy and see the real person. We quickly realised that this need for authenticity could have the perfect partner in Badoo’s new product: video calling.

This video-call product became our focus in a new suite of five digital ads that showed a deeper level of personality and authenticity. Posted on YouTube and Instagram Stories (in both horizontal and mobile-first vertical format) these demonstrated how people could show their real selves to their potential dates, giving someone a deeper, more personal connection that could nudge the viewer into going on a date.