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John Wilks
Business Director



Acquisition in Gaming: Time for a Change

There’s been a lot of talk about the evolution that’s taken place within the gaming industry - chiefly the move from the premium boxed model, to a structure more focused on post-launch revenue, and the rise of games-as-a-service (GaaS). Navigating this shift requires a more customer-centric approach, where it’s less about day-one sales and more about building meaningful, long-term relationships with players.

It would seem sensible then for ‘retention’ to be the focus of this shift. Keeping players engaged past their initial purchase is the new requirement for modern titles, after all.

However, there are several important reasons why the traditional approach to acquisition (and by this, I mean all the ways we go about attracting customers, from integrated campaigns, to individual ads), also needs to be reviewed.

User Acquisition is great. But Fan Acquisition is even better.

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