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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager



A standout website design for a standout company

When everyone’s going one way - go the other. That’s the way we roll, and it feels that much better when we work with clients who share our philosophy.

That’s how it was with Freespee. Over the last 15+ years being in the industry, we built a bit of a reputation for non-traditional digital experiences. When they needed someone to freshen up their website, they remembered they’d heard about us, and reached out.

Who are Freespee?

Freespee are a SaaS company who see things differently. Their aim is to humanise conversational commerce and create e-commerce experiences that convert. To match their trailblazer brand persona, Freespee needed a new website that cut through the traditionally play-it-safe SaaS market. They came to us asking how we’d go about creating a stand-out digital experience and also get across the main features and benefits of their pretty complex product in a more easy to understand way.

Challenge accepted.

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The Process

With our years of experience, we found ourselves perfectly placed to find the right balance between an industry cut-through, engaging, evocative digital experience, and improving the understanding of the Freespee product benefits for any customer’s business.

The Freespee platform connects millions of interactions and data points across their customer’s channels, and part of their original brief was to somehow hero a connected line throughout the website to visualise this. Our design and tech team took this one step further and developed a continuous line via the website’s main navigation, which the user scrolls through to reach designated ‘stations’.

These stations act as the website’s core content pages, and allow the user to click through to learn more. At each station the user finds its own custom drawn line illustration, fitting the topic and seamlessly connected to the next station - visualising just how connected the Freespee platform is.

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Since launching the website, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only is this a visually engaging, rogue website within the SaaS industry, it’s also a notable piece of work in the digital landscape, pushing the norms of user experience. It’s gotten attention from the FWA and an honourable mention at Awwwards, as well as won Website of the Day, Best UI Design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation at the CSS Design Awards, earning Special Kudos.

Freespee now have a website which matches their personality and ambition of being distinctive from the SAAS crowd.

They went the other way, and we went with them.

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