Making web work harder

Declining online conversion rates. Complex customer journeys. Increased competition in the market. At the end of 2017, Dyno knew its website needed to work harder.

Enter Waste.

Fast-forward to Summer 2018: not only did we have a fresh-feeling new site, but a more effective one too, with an over 30% increase in online conversion year-on-year.

Find out how we did it.

Auditing the site

Our core goal was improving online conversion rates. We began by auditing the website to identify the problem areas, and the biggest opportunities for improvement, leaving no digital stone unturned. Then we initiated a site overhaul, working closely with the client and their partner agencies – focusing on structure, UX, and most importantly of all, the conversion journey.

Our audit of the existing site explored everything from UI & UX, through to SEO & structure. We created pen portrait personas to match each audience, and mapped their journeys through the site. We compared this with competitor research, and went on to convert pain points into recommendations. Using simple principles to guide the next steps, we outlined the roadmap for online transformation.

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Implementing change

Fuelled by the recommendations in the audit, we went on to create revised designs for core pages on the site. Along the way, we built a new brand toolkit – including a fresh approach to iconography and image treatment, to guide the wider rollout and future work. Working closely with the client and other agencies, the conversion journey was overhauled, the customer journeys simplified, and the brand refreshed – all with UX labs along the way to validate our approach.

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