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    Go Win Casino

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    The Keith Taft Story

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    Interactive Microsite

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The Ask

An interactive movie and comic book hybrid all about a god-fearing Christian, inventor, card-counter and – quite possibly – genius.

Spotlight Online Gaming own and operate a variety of Online and Mobile Gaming sites. In order to drive awareness and traffic to their latest mobile product, Go Win Casino, their SEO strategy was to find a partner who could create a killer piece of content that generated loads of high value links on credible mainstream sites such as Wired, Gizmondo and TheFWA. The problem was that sites like these tend to frown on online gambling and are reluctant to promote it. Who said we don’t like a challenge?

That was then we were told a tale about a Blackjack card counter by the name of Keith Taft, an unlikely ‘gadget

gambler’ whose story was so incredible it could have been pulled straight from the pages of an Elmore Leonard novel. He was a pioneer of wearable tech – never more editorially relevant than now – and yet he operated in the 70s and 80s.

Our task was to tell his fascinating story and illuminate his contradictory nature – part Vegas con-man, part benevolent Christian who dreamed of helping the disabled with his weird and wonderful inventions. We needed to craft and package the story in such an interesting and immersive way that disguised the fact that it was a piece of Content Marketing.


The Answer


We knew this site was all about the story. The more we learned about Keith Taft, the more fascinating he became. We wanted users to experience the same sense of wonder and amazement as we had researching him, and take them on the same journey.

So we broke his amazing story into chapters, each focusing on one of his many amazing inventions, and brought them to life in an appropriately vintage Saul Bass illustrative style, responsively designed, which animated as users scrolled through.

So who was
Keith Taft really?

The resulting site is big, bold and fluid - an interactive movie and storytelling hybrid, a classic Vegas heist narrative. Finally, we put the user in control of the outcome and allowed them to decide how he should be remembered.

Was he a merely a crazy gambler…or a flawed genius?

Inspecting Gadgets

At the end of each chapter, we built 3D models of the gadgets with deeper details for users who wanted to understand more about how they worked.

The Results

So, how
did it go?

The technical and creative achievements within the site – from the art direction, custom animations and 3D modelling to the storytelling power of the piece – were recognised by the Lovie Awards, where we won a Silver for best HTML 5 site. We were also honoured in this year’s

Webby Awards for Best Use of Video or Moving Image.

It’s a great example of delivering a rich experience for a brand beyond more traditional online marketing, helping drive affinity and awareness through content creation.

Webby FWA
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