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The Ask

Bringing the Hive Connected Home to life and making #HiveandSeek a thing on social media.

Unsurprisingly, we’re big fans of connected devices. So when Hive approached us to help them showcase all the things you can control in your home, wherever you are in the world, we thought it was right up our alley.

The task was straight forward enough: we needed to educate and engage a sophisticated tech-savvy audience.

To do this, we had to get them to imagine Hive in their lives - and in their hands.

In this way we could explicitly demonstrate its key features and ease-of-use. Essentially, we wanted people to think it’s amazing what you can do with Hive and propel them closer to purchase.


Welcome to the Hive
custom built virtual
3-D home

The Answer

to the Hive

The best way to sell is to show – but it was important to develop something more engaging than a simple product demo.

We wanted to create an interactive experience that gave prospective buyers an idea of exactly how easy the Hive app is to use and all the ways they could apply it to their own busy lives. We wanted to build something that educated consumers through fun interaction, while simulating the app’s connectivity.

So we built a house. The Hive Connected Home put users in control of a virtual home which we built as a custom 3-D

model (kitchen, bathroom and living room) coded in responsive HTML5 using a combination of canvas and DOM/CSS. Users could explore the house through keyboard and mouse.

But they were also encouraged to pair their smartphones with the site and connect to the house with their phone in order to turn the heating up or down, boost hot water and switch lamps on and off thanks to some clever nodeJS and WebSockets connectivity. In this way, we were able to clearly showcase the simplicity, benefits and usability of the product.

on Instagram

Next, we developed a disruptive Instagram takeover of the Hive feed. We asked users to turn their phone on its side, explore the Connected Home, uncover Easter Eggs, TV clips and learn about Hive products with an interactive #hiveandseek’ mechanic (see what we did there?)


Display advertising

Rich , standard and engaging display, written by our in-house copywriting team,  built to reinforce the humour and playfulness of the brand.

The Results

So, how
did it go?

This simulated demo experience of the Connected Home was crucial in helping communicate the benefits of Hive and the accompanying app, and has become an important part of the sales journey.

Our content also drove a net sentiment score that was double the average expected. We saw a 125% increase in Instagram fans in one week.

The campaign also attracted an impressive 11-minute dwell time on our interactive home.

We continue to work with Hive as they roll our more products, integrating direct response ads and generating creative iAds and rich media to help drive awareness, traffic and interaction.

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