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    Finn & Jake's Big Adventure

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The Ask

One boy’s adventure with his magical dog. One website filled with adventure, games, videos and a lot of fun...

So what do you do when Cartoon Network ask you to create an online site where people can explore a post-apocalyptic world on any device, on any browser, and they want it quickly? Answer: you throw a lot of creative thinking and bespoke development at it and make it awesome.

Cartoon Network wanted fans of their hit show ‘Adventure Time’ to be able to follow the adventures of Finn and his best friend and adoptive brother, Jake—a dog with the magical power to change shape and size at will. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo - the incredible environment we used to create a series of engaging and fun games and interactions.

Finn & Jake
turner loading screen
Finn & Jake

The Answer

A whole world
of Jake, Finn
and fun

We got busy creating a responsive HTML5 microsite, featuring parallax-enabled particle effects, CSS and canvas animations hybrids, customised video players and custom interactions.

In short: we made a super-fun, super-simple and beautiful realised experience that could be used on desktop, tablet or mobile.  

We allowed users to explore the different kingdoms, from Lumpy Space Princess’ home world to The Evil Forest.

We let users play games, watch videos, make postcards and lose themselves in this brilliantly bonkers world, filled with colourful graphics and animations.




The Results

So, how
did it go?

We loved the end result. We took a brief and turned it around quickly - and smoothly. Happily, Cartoon Network loved it too - and so did a few awards judges. To date, we’ve been honoured by The Lovie Awards, Webby Awards, FWA, W3 Awards, Pixel Awards and Davey Awards. Results to make you go ‘Ooo!’ (Sorry.)

Lovie Lovie Webby FWA W3
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